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Using Google Forms for Assessment

March 15, 2020 No Comments

I love using Google forms for Assessment.  It is a great way to provide students with questions that help them with state test prep.  Google Forms also helps me create easy to grade assessments.

When I started writing this blog post a few weeks ago, my intention was that this post would help teachers to start their state test prep.  However, this week was full of school closures and shifts to online learning due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

I thought about postponing this post until we found out what state testing will look like this year.  But, since so many of you are trying to manage online learning, I decided that this post might still be helpful.

Why use Google Forms for Assessment?

Google Forms has several great features that make it ideal for assessment:

  • It’s self-grading.  This means that I don’t have to spend hours grading tests and students can get immediate feedback on their answers.
  • There are various items types available.
  • Google Forms make item analysis easy.  There is a summary of student responses that provides item analysis.   Student responses can also be exported to a Google Spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • You can set up your forms to reteach your students a concept when they respond incorrectly.

Google Forms makes it easy to reteach content that students need more help with.

Which item types can be added to Google forms?

There are several item types that be added to a Google Form Assessment.

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Select (when the student must choose more than 1 correct answer)
  • Grid Responses
  • Free Response (these items are difficult to self grade  )

Grid Responses for Google Form Assessments

Grid responses are a bit tricky.  On the CAST Test, all items (with the exception of free-response items) are worth one point according to the scoring guides.  This means that students would need to fill out the entire grid correctly in order to receive a single point. Google Forms only gives you the option of allocating points by row for an assessment.

Grid Items

For example, this item that I wrote would be worth 5 points.  I decided to deal with this by adjusting the scale of my entire assessment.  Instead of 1 point per item, I have made all items 5 points.  This means that a grid that is only partially complete will still earn points.

Which items cannot be added to Google Forms?

  • Questions with drag-and-drop items
  • Questions with multiple drop-down menus.

I have found a way to create questions that are similar to the question that students would see on drop-down menus.  These items are written as a hybrid of multiple-choice and fill in the blank questions.

Drop Down Menu Items

Drag-and-drop style questions don’t work with Google forms.  I have started making a few using Google Presentations.  (More information coming soon!)

Other ways to use Google Apps in your NGSS Aligned Classroom:

 How do you use Google Forms to help with assessments?  Comment below.

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