How to Use Google Sheets to Create Graphs

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I use Google Apps for Education almost every day in my classroom. One of my favorite ways to use Google is to have students create digital graphs.  The video below will show you, and your students, how to use Google Sheets to Create Graphs.

How do you use Google Sheets to Create a Graph?

This process can be a little complicated at first. I usually don’t allow my students to make digital graphs until they have learned to make graphs by hand.  For more information on graphing in an NGSS classroom, check out this post.

However, there are so many advantages to using digital graphs.

What are the benefits of a digital graph?

Picture of Man Using Computer to Create A GraphAllowing students to work with a digital graph helps them to focus on the Science and Engineering Practices and Crosscutting Concepts.  When students aren’t worried about the skill of graphing, they can focus on these components.

For example, digital graphing can be used to help students to focus on the practice of Analyzing and Interpreting Data.  Students can select the appropriate graph type to represent the data.  They can toggle between various graph types in order to see the benefits of one graph type over another.

By selecting the appropriate graph type, students are better able to use their data to support an argument.  Students may use the Crosscutting Concept of Patterns to determine what their data means.

Students can also focus on the Crosscutting Concept of Scale, Proportion and Quantity.  Digital graphs allow students to adjust the scale with the click of the button.  This helps reinforce their understanding of Scale.

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