Let’s Transform Science Education Together!

Traditional methods of teaching science aren’t working for you – or your students. Science education should feel exciting. Using simple swaps, I’ll help you make your science classroom a productive, engaging and innovative space where all students learn to love science.

Are you heading back to school?

This is such a busy time of year. And, I know you NEED to find answers to your questions quickly and easily. That’s why I put together a full list of blog posts, podcast episodes and more to help you get started this year.

Are you overwhelmed by the NGSS?

The Next Generation Science Standards have brought innovative and necessary shifts in education. But, if implementing them feels overwhelming, you aren’t alone.

Let me help you get started by offering a simple explanation of the standards and each of the three dimension. Then, I’ll explain the major shifts from other standards in an easy to follow manner. And, I’ll provide a simple, step-by-step approach for implementation that meets you where you are.

Are you ready to leave the scientific method behind? But, you aren’t sure what to do instead? The waitlist for the Ditching the Scientific Method Course is now live. Click here to join the waitlist so that you are the first to get access to the course.

Have you started using a three-dimensional approach in your classroom? Do you need help finding a manageable next step? If so, join my newsletter and get my three-dimensional lesson planner for free. Then, I’ll guide you through choosing next steps in your classroom transformation.

Are you looking for a way to establish structure and organization in your classroom? Then, download this free resource today and implement these powerful strategies in your classroom to improve behavior, foster a positive classroom community, and facilitate meaningful learning experiences for your students.

Strategies, Tips, and Resources for Teaching Science

Teaching science comes with its own unique challenges. It requires a unique set of skills, strategies and techniques.  The posts linked here discuss strategies and resources for teaching science.

From interactive notebooks to warm-ups, this is everything you need to get started in your science class.

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