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How to Make PDFs Editable for Students

April 26, 2020 No Comments

Most of us are in the process of shifting to some type of remote learning.  Many of the resources that we use in our classroom don’t easily translate to the digital world.   Though we may have the ability to edit a PDF, our students likely don’t have those resources.  Here is everything you need to know to make it so that your students can edit PDFs using Google Presentations.  

What You Will Need to Make Your PDFs Editable for Students

Everything that you need to make your PDFs editable in Google Presentations is totally free.

  • A blank Google Presentation.  You will need to customize the size of the presentation to match the layout of your PDF document.  Go to “File” > “Page Setup” to customize the slide size.
  • Snipping Tool or an Online PDF to Image Converter.  I prefer using the online to PDF image converter if your document is more than one page long.  Also, you will get much better quality images.  Click here to get the one that I use. (Don't download the Chome Extension!)

How to Turn your PDFs into Images & Add Them as Your Slide Background

To make it so that your students can edit the PDFs, you will need to turn each page into an image file.  Then, you will need to add the image as a background for your slides in Google Presentations.  To see how I do this, watch this short video.

How to Use this in Your NGSS Aligned Classroom

There are so many ways to use this type of activity in your NGSS Aligned Classroom.  I highly recommend using this to help your students to annotate maps and graphs.  This process can be used with worksheets and graphic organizers as well.

Next Steps: 

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