NGSS for Elementary

It is imperative that all students have access to high-quality science instruction. This page contains resources to help elementary teachers meet the intent of the NGSS in their classroom.

Elementary NGSS Training – Coming Soon

I am developing training for elementary teachers to help them with NGSS. It’s essential that meet your specific needs. Please consider taking this brief survey so that I can find out more about your needs and add you to the waitlist.

Click here to take the survey.

Getting Started

Are you totally new to NGSS? Start here to get help with the basics. These resources will help you meet the intent of the NGSS in your elementary classroom.

Planning Tools

Making NGSS aligned lesson plans is challenging. So, I put this page together to help you make sense of the complexity that comes with building NGSS aligned elementary lessons.

Teaching Science: Strategies and Resources

The strategies that work well in a science classroom are different than any other type of class. Check out these resources to find some strategies that work for you.

Choosing the Topic or Thematic Model for Science

Are you trying to design a scope and sequence for you class?

There are already two models available for teachers. While you don’t have to follow these models, it can be helpful to take a look at them. These models are topical and thematic.

What is the differences between the two? Which should you choose? Read this blog post to get more information and decide for yourself.

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