Technology in the Science Classroom

Technology opens a world of possibility in the science classroom. Each of the posts below discuss how to use technology in the classroom to enhance learning. And, each post explains how to meet the intent of the NGSS using technology.

Distance Learning in the Science Classroom

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the use of technology with NGSS is more important than ever. These resources will help you modify the materials that you used to use in the classroom.

Technology in the Science Classroom – Using a Digital Notebook

Use this method to create a digital interactive notebook that allows students to attach pages that use a wide range of platforms. This notebook is built around a table of contents that is a document with links in order to build a notebook.

This method is easy to teach and even easier to maintain. Check out this post to learn more.

How to Make a PDF Editable

Often, teachers utilize Google Classroom to assign digital work. However, this platform doesn’t always work with traditional resources like worksheets. In fact, some of our best resources are in PDF format.

Unfortunately, these aren’t editable for our students. Learn how to use Google Slides to make your PDFs editable and ready to post in Google Classroom.

Digital Graph Annotations Using Google Slides

One of the ways to help students analyze and interpret data is to use graph annotations. But, how can graph annotations be done digitally?

This simple, student-friendly method helps you assign data in various forms. Using this method, students are able to annotate the data and submit their annotations through Google Classroom.

Teach Your Students How to Make Graphs

Digital Graphs allow your students to quickly analyze and interpret large and complex data sets. These graphs are also easy to share and add to assignments submitted through Google Classroom.

An Easy Way to Assess Students and Provide Quick Feedback

It’s important that students get quick feedback when they are assessed so that they understand exactly what they need to work on. It is also important that you get the data you need to adapt your lessons to meet student needs.

Google Forms is capable of doing both. Learn how to make assessments using Google Forms that provide immediate feedback for both you and your students.

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