Digital Lesson Planning for NGSS

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Lesson planning for NGSS takes a lot of work.

Look everyone!  I created my first video.  It basically took me about 10 hours to create this video on digital lesson planning.  Not because the video editing is hard, but because words are hard.  Especially battling this cold right now.  There’s a lot of rambling and “um” and “so” action here.  Also, I never noticed my dog makes so much noise.

Sometimes, you just have to be okay with imperfection.  Next time, I promise, I will script something for myself, put the dog out and not be sick.

In this video, I talk about the ins and outs of digital lesson planning.  If you would like more information on lesson planning using NGSS evidence statements, visit this post.


Here is what this video covers:

  • Linking to other documents, pdf documents and external web pages
  • Sharing your document with colleagues and choose how much access they have to the document
  • Adding to-do lists with check boxes
  • Using the template available on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store

If you are interested in these lesson plan templates, you can find them here.


  •  I have also added a version of the lesson plan template that matched my NGSS Unit Planner.  This has been added as a separate link on the PDF when you download it from my TPT store.
  • The lesson plan template and unit planning organizer have been added as a bundle to my TPT store.
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