Facebook Collab Groups

As we shift to NGSS, most of us working with minimal curriculum and training.  It has always been my feeling that other teachers are your best resource.  Now that NGSS is here, this is even more true.

Please consider joining these groups so that you can work with other educators to update your curriculum.

NGSS Newbies

NGSS Newbies Cover

This groups is designed to help you with your basic NGSS implementation problems.  We will discuss everything from reading the standards to discussing best practices.

Elementary Science Collab

FB Cover Elementary Science CollabThis Elementary Science Collab group is currently set up for teachers in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  Both full-time science teachers and teachers in self-contained classrooms are encouraged to join.


Middle School Science Collab

FB Middle School Science CollabThis group is for middle school teachers grades 6-8 (though we have several teachers in different grade levels).  We focus on NGSS aligned ideas and activities.  Teachers in this group teach both integrated and subject specific classes.


High School Science Collab

FB Cover High School Science CollabMost of the teachers in this group teach subject specific classes.  However, teachers that teach in an integrated model are also welcome.  This is a collaborative space designed to help teachers develop their NGSS curriculum and have a space to look for resources.