Crosscutting Concept Crash Course For Middle School Teachers

Crosscutting Concepts Middle School

Crosscutting Concept Crash Course Middle SchoolMaking sense of the Crosscutting Concepts can be hard.  It can be challenging to figure out what they mean and how they relate to your content.

I took what I have learned about the Crosscutting Concepts and created an easy to follow crash course.  This course will:

  • explain each of the concepts in detail.
  • describe what the Crosscutting Concepts look like in the 6th-8th Grade band and provide information about the 3rd-5th grade band so that you can scaffold lessons for your students.
  • explain how the Crosscutting Concepts relate to each other and how they relate to the Science and Engineering Practices.
  • give you a weekly action item.
  • provide exclusive access into the NGSS Crash Course for Middle School Facebook Group.

This course consists of an introduction email and then 7 weekly emails.  Each email describes a different Crosscutting Concept in detail and provides examples of how they can be incorporated into your classroom.  The Weekly Action Items offer ideas to help you incorporate the concepts into your classroom.

Crosscutting Concept TrackerThe Facebook group will provide you with accompanying videos, discussions and live chats to help you to use the concepts in your classroom.

When you sign up, you will also get this tracker as a freebie.  The tracker can be used to help you keep track when you are incorporating each of the concepts into your lessons.



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