My Goals for 2020

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I am not one for resolutions, but I do think that the start of a New Year is a great time to reflect on personal goals.  It feels a little weird and over personal to post this online.  But I think blogs (and the internet in general) can give readers the mistaken impression people have it all figured out.

The reality is that no one does.  Including me.

When you work with the NGSS, you quickly begin to understand that the more you learn, the more you realize that you still have to learn.  This is definitely the case for me.  So, in the interest of full disclosure, here are my goals for 2020.

Classroom Goals for 2020

Incorporate More Engineering

Engineering intimidated me when I first started teaching NGSS.  I am feeling more confident in my understanding of engineering and how it compliments my science class.  My goal is to create more lesson sequences that incorporate the engineering component.  I will be writing about how I am incorporating more engineering into my lessons on the blog so make sure that you watch out for those posts.

Write 3 Dimensional Assessments

Writing 3-dimensional assessments takes time and patience, especially when you are just starting out.  My ability to create written assessments is steadily improving and I plan to make this a major area of focus in 2020.  And since engineering will also be an area of focus, this gives me another avenue to pursue when making performance-based tasks.

The ultimate goal is to move toward standards-based grading.  However, in order to make this shift, the assessments must be written first.

Leaving Work in the Classroom

For the last 13 years, I have spent my evenings and Sundays prepping.  I am ready to leave my work in the classroom.

I have a lot of things working in my favor in the coming year.  This is my third year teaching the same classes so I have built up a pretty good bank of lessons.  My daughter, who is a student at my school, also attends classes for just over an hour after school.  This gives me a little extra prep time to work on lesson planning, grading, etc.

I may occasionally need to stay a little later to make this happen, but I am confident that it is doable.  (And I already deleted my work email from my phone!)

Sadler Science Goals for 2020

This blog has always just been a fun little project and a great way to network with other teachers as I learn to navigate the NGSS.  But I find myself really enjoying creating the blog. It is becoming less of a hobby and more of a passion project.  Here are my goals for the blog:

Answers to more of your questions

One of the driving forces behind this blog was to help teachers learn from my experience and mistakes.  Now that my Masters is done, I have the brain and time capacity to answer more of the questions that you have. To submit your questions, click here.

Weekly (and more) blog posts

I have a LONG list of posts on a wide range of topics.  I am spending my break working on these topics to work ahead to make sure that I can publish a new post every Saturday.  Your questions will give me more opportunities to find out what you would like to see on the blog.

I also have some ideas for additional posts that will appear from time to time.  Look for those on Tuesday.

Make sure that you are following the blog here, or on Bloglovin. I will also be keeping you updated on Facebook and Instagram when new posts are published.

Updating the Newsletter

I am vowing to spend more time focusing on the newsletter this year.  It has been placed on the back burner quite a bit in the last year.  But I have some new ideas to produce more targeted content for you.

If you haven’t subscribed.  Make sure you do.  New stuff will be coming soon!

What are your personal and professional goals for 2020?





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