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2019 is almost over, and so much has changed since the beginning of the year. One of my favorite new adventures was starting the Teaching Science in 3D podcast. Nicole Van Tassel and I created the podcast to help teachers make sense of the three-dimensional NGSS standards.

In season one of the podcast, Nicole and I recorded 15 episodes.  We selected topics based on the questions that we got from our blog readers as well as on Facebook and Instagram.   We worked together and interviewed other teachers to answer your biggest NGSS questions.

Check out these episodes before Season 2 goes live on January 6th, 2020.

Podcast Season 1 RecapEpisode 1: How we got started with the NGSS

I love this episode because I enjoy nerding out and talking NGSS with Nicole.  This isn’t a content-heavy episode, but it does provide some fun insights.  We discuss our challenges with the NGSS, how we got where we are today, and how we started working together.

Episode 2: How the NGSS changes it all

The NGSS brought some major conceptual shifts in science education.  These standards made me rethink everything I did in my first eight years of teaching.  Nicole and I discuss the most significant changes that have come with NGSS.  This is a must-listen episode for anyone new to NGSS.

Episode 3: How you can implement the NGSS today.

If you don’t know where to start with NGSS implementation, check out this episode.  Nicole discusses some ways that you can begin implementing the NGSS right away in your classroom.

Episode 4: How you know it’s not NGSS

Nicole and I often get asked about the quality of available resources.  We discuss ways that you can evaluate the claims that resources are aligned to the NGSS without accepting these claims at face value.

Episode 5: How You Can Ditch the Scientific Method

The Scientific Method doesn’t align with the intention of the Next Generation Science Standards.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to ditch the Scientific Method.  Find out why in this episode.

Episode 6: How to Make Sense of the Science and Engineering Practices

Now that you have ditched the Scientific Method, you need to learn to use the practices instead.  We break down the practices and give you some strategies for using the practices in your classroom.

Episode 7: How You Can Make Sense of Phenomena

Phenomena centered lessons are really at the heart of the NGSS.  In this episode, I explain the importance of phenomena.  I also tell you how to find engaging phenomena that can be used to build great storylines.

Episode 8: How to Really Use the 5E Model

The 5E Model has always been difficult for me to follow.  In this episode, I interview Nicole to gain a better understanding of the 5E Model.  She does a great job of helping me understand how it can be used in my planning process to make my lessons more effective.

Episode 9: How You Can Be Brave with the NGSS

When you are first attempting to meet the intent of the NGSS in your classroom, it can be overwhelming.  In this episode, Nicole interviews Sarah from Happy Teacher Heart.  Sarah discussed how she has chosen to be brave when making this shift and how it has helped her make significant changes in her teaching.

Episode 10: How to Teach for Student Discovery

Nicole and I often talk about a “discovery-based-approach” to teaching and learning in your classroom.  Nicole describes what this really means.  She also talks about practices that are commonly used in schools that are mislabeled as discovery.

Episode 11: How You Can Evaluate Student Learning

Juli Cannon and I discuss the ways that you can evaluate student learning in your NGSS aligned classroom.  The three-dimensional structure of the standards means that traditional assessments need to be reconsidered.  This conversation with Juli helped me to re-think my own assessments and gain the confidence to begin to write new assessments.

Episode 12: How the NGSS Will Change Your Content

We get so many questions about content and NGSS.  Implementing the NGSS means that the content can be what you want it to be.  Nicole talks about this major NGSS shift and what it means for your classroom.

Episode 13: How to Use Relationships to Support the NGSS Classroom

Nicole chats with Dana Skillman about building relationships in the science classroom.  They discuss the reasons that relationships are vital in an NGSS classroom and the ways that you can develop relationships in your own classroom.

Episode 14: How to Build an NGSS Storyline

Storylines guide students through discovery-based lesson sequences and allow them to make sense of phenomena. Learn about my lesson planning process and how I build storylines using this step-by-step process.

Episode 15: How to Incorporate More Exploration

Nicole discusses the concept of exploration style activities to help students use a discovery-based approach to learning science.  If you haven’t already, make sure you listen to Episode 10 before listening to this episode.

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