How I Got My Student Loans Forgiven

Teacher Benefits

Hi everyone! Last week I received notification that my student loans had been forgiven because of my teaching service. I want to let you know how I got my student loans forgiven and know that these programs exist as a teaching benefit. As a science teacher you may be eligible for up to $17,500.  Other teaching disciplines may also apply.

I am not qualified to provide you with financial advice, nor can I guarantee that this process will work for you.

How I Qualified

  • I am a highly qualified (fully credentialed) educator.
  • I worked for more five years in a “low-income” school.
  • My loan was in good standing and taken out prior to the end of the 5 year teaching window that I used to apply.

How I Applied

I read through this page to make sure that I met the requirements and that my school was listed as “low-income”.Under the FAQ section it says “How and when do I apply for loan forgiveness?” There is a link to the PDF application.The application has a portion that you fill out and another that must be completed by your “Chief Administrative Officer”. If you don’t know who this is, just ask your principal who this person would be for your site.The form must be submitted to your loan servicing company following their protocol. My company had a place on their website where I could upload a PDF of the completed application.

What Else?

The process took about 3 months, but it was delayed because I missed a number on my application. Once the paperwork was filled out properly I was notified that my application had been approved and would go through a review process that could take up to a year. However, my loan was placed in forebearance and I was not required to make payments while it was reviewed.My review process took about a month before I was notified that my loan was forgiven. If you are interested, I suggest going here or researching teacher federal loan forgiveness on your own.

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